Missing Link Coaching delivers a long list of benefits to high school and college students and recent graduates:

High school students
•  Increases interest in studies
•  Boosts academic performance
•  Stimulates a clear and inspiring vision of the future
•  Develops self-confidence and identity
•  Facilitates shift from the external motivation of parents and teachers to the self-motivation of an independent young adult
•  Supports choosing a college major

College students
•  Supports freshmen adapt to college life
•  Increases motivation & application to studies
•  Improves academic performance
•  Helps students balance social and academic demands
•  Helps freshmen choose a major
•  Eliminates costs associated with changing majors
•  Develops career direction

•  Provides career direction
•  Helps avoid the ‘Quarter Life Crisis’
•  Provides strategies for reassessing career direction

Past results make for a promising future
Missing Link Coaching is unique in our consistently high success rate in guiding young people to discover, engage in and pursue their potential.
Independent studies* of teenage participants conducted immediately after completion of the program report:
89%    “clearer and more positive about their future”
81%    “more motivated at school”
78%    made education and/or career decisions based on what they had learned during the program
83%    of parents and teachers noticed improvements in behavior, attitudes and/or learning
53%    of participants who have experimented with drug and/or alcohol reported a “significant reduction of alcohol or drug use”
Independent studies* of teenage participants conducted 2 years after they completed the program report:

62%    have pursued education and/or career choices based on the results of the Missing Link Coaching program
51%    of those individuals have worked in their field of potential for a minimum of two years

Of those individuals:
91%    feel that they are in the career that will bring them their “best chance of success”
94%    report that they “enjoy their work”
82%    report that their career has a “positive impact on their physical and/or emotional health”
98%    report that the Missing Link Coaching program provided “significant      support” in helping them reach their career goals

*All our programs are monitored and measured by the independent consultancy Windeaters.