Case studies

Anne (aged 17)

Anne had always been a bright, charismatic and intelligent girl; an above average student in the top third of her class. After Anne's seventeenth birthday, her parents noticed that Anne's grades were not as consistently high and Anne was not applying herself fully at school.

Anne's parents had spent time trying to find out what was wrong and had been told by Anne that she was staring to find school boring and could not see the relevance of her studies. Anne's relationship with her boyfriend was quickly becoming more important than her school work.  

Potential Discovery Course:   Anne discovered her passion was to work in the media and with her talent for making friends and networking quickly fixed her sights on a career in public relations.

Potential Planning Course: Anne secured an internship at a leading PR and Marketing company as well as completing a marketing course at a 4-year university.

The Outcome: After graduating from college, Anne opened a small PR and Marketing company together with fiancé.   Her talent for networking has ensured a plentiful supply of clients and allowed her company to become profitable within its first 12 months of operation. Three years on, the company earns over $100,000 a year and boasts a portfolio of clients including national telephone, banking, bottled water and technology companies.

Mark (aged 15) 

Mark's mother described him as independently minded teenager. He had been diagnosed as mild ADD and had been adversely affected by his parents' difficult divorce when he was 13.

Mark was achieving far below his potential at school and his teachers warned that he was a disruptive influence on the class. Mark's mother was worried because he had started to hang out with an older crowd that was regularly using alcohol and drugs and had recently been reported at school for possession of marijuana.

Potential Discovery Course: Mark fixed his sights on a very clear become a millionaire by the age of 25.   Mark became interested in the fields of both investment banking and real estate development.

Potential Planning Course: Mark accepted the importance of academic qualifications if he was to realize his financial goals and began applying himself to his studies. Mark's Personal Development Plan focused on gaining practical experience in his fields of interest.

The Outcome:   Mark graduated from high-school and secured an internship with an independent investment banker.   Mark quickly found it wasn't the career for him and through a mixture of luck and tenacity was connected with a Swiss-based real-estate agent who offered him a 6 month internship. Mark excelled during his internship and was taken on as a full-time employee by the owner.   3 years on, Mark has become a minority partner in the company and today is working on multi-million property development projects in Switzerland, England and Germany.

Nick (aged 24) 

Nick was a recent college graduate who had majored in Political Science. Nick had been forced to move home to live with his parents and with no plans to pursue a career related to his major was unsure of his career direction. Nick found himself drifting between unsatisfying jobs that he felt were below his ability and was becoming increasingly anxious and depressed.

Potential Discovery Course: Nick was delighted to find he had entrepreneurial characteristics with a particular affinity for sales and marketing.

Potential Planning Course: Nick decided to travel to South East Asia to gather entrepreneurial ideas.

The Outcome: Whilst in Thailand, Nick discovered hand-woven tribal silks and formed a fair-trade silk importing company.   His products were featured in top fashion magazines including Elle and Vogue and become profitable within the first 8 months of business.    Nick sold the company 2 years later and pursued a career as a Marketing Director of a London-based events company.   He now plans on opening his own events company.

Important note :
All names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of our clients.